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    My personal vendetta against WordPress.

    PROCESS POST #3 I will be using this weeks process post to describe the absolute rage that building a blog to my liking has given me. While I now have a wonderful relationship with WordPress, she was not very friendly on the first few dates. Very confusing, hard to get to know, basically everything you don’t want in a partner. This site is most definitely not for the technologically challenged, some themes I tried before finding my forever love involved CODING – yea, CODING. I don’t know about you, but I’m an arts major, there is nothing my genetic makeup that makes coding doable for me. When I finally found…

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    What’s to come.

    PROCESS POST #2 This weeks Process Post prompt was to explain our goals for our websites and how we wish for it to look and portray our personalities. I am a very minimalistic person, my aesthetic when it comes to clothing, decoration and everything in-between is simple and clean. I wanted this to reflect on my websites overall theme, while still having features that catch the eye. My homepage will be simple; featuring my most recent posts, along with widgets that link my social media. My PUB 101 content will live in its own page, along with the subcategories for different assignments we have throughout the semester. Other than the…

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    The Importance of Strangers.

    PROCESS POST #1 Pre-pandemic, connecting with a stranger wouldn’t be something I gave a second thought to. I would not be afraid of talking to someone completely new, engaging in conversation or lending a hand if needed. When visiting night clubs was still legal, I would leave each night with at least two new girlfriends. After the first lockdown, my perspective on interacting with strangers completely changed. I no longer felt open to meeting new people in a shopping mall or making new friends purely from making eye contact at a bar. When strangers become a risk, the appeal of new relationships, no matter how significant or insignificant the encounter,…