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    Peer Review #3

    For our third peer review, I was assigned Fiona’s blog. Fiona’s blog is called Wanderlust, a travel blog based off of her own experiences growing up. Fiona has a very pleasing looking blog with a consistent colour pallet all around the site. She has posted detailed descriptions of her travels and an almost itinerary of what she states as the best way to travel through the posted sites. For her intended audience, which based off of what she is posting is those who are interested and passionate about travel, Fiona has developed a great site for light destination advice for her posted destinations. When you first fully load into Fiona’…

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    Peer Review #2

    For this weeks peer review, I was given Marisa’s Muse to look over. I gotta admit, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs I’ve seen throughout the course so far. Her title immediately gives explanation of what her blog is dedicated to, helping with directory around the site. Marisa has chosen a mildly minimalistic theme using black, white and pastel pink as her main colour theme. While it is mostly all one shade, I think that adding some more colour into her site would be a great way to up the aesthetic she is giving off with her blog. While finding my way around her site, some things…

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    Peer Review #1

    For this semester, I was lucky enough to be paired up with Alyssa Greco for peer reviews for PUB 101. Let me say I was nothing but intimidated by how advanced her site is. This woman knows WordPress like the back of her hand and it is evident in the functionality and presentation of her site. Alyssa has themed her site around her journey of baking bread and all things surrounding the art of making sourdough bread. In her about section, she states that when she first started her journey, one of the most difficult aspects of getting started was finding the information she needed. Her blog does more than…