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    Making myself look professional.

    For our second to last mini assignment, we have to create an infographic. Since I have designed a lifestyle blog, unfortunately this infographic will be about myself. Cause I definitely need to talk about myself more on here. Either way, enjoy essentially my professional personal profile. I will admit it does make me look quite put together. For those of you (I’m sure you’re just dying to know) who want the program this was made on, Canva is great for any online document that needs a little something-something. I know I sounded sponsored there but I promise I’m not, we’re nowhere near that famous yet. Brutally, Brianna

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    A Successful Aritzia Dupe? Unheard of.

    I’m sure we all have heard of Aritzia, and I’m sure we all love Aritzia, and I’m sure that we all can barely afford Aritzia. Believe me, I know the pain. I work as a waitress, and I have the fashion wants of a trophy wife, it doesn’t work out so great for my wallet. I am constantly on the hunt for an online store that has the same styles, but yenno, won’t put me into debt. After many fails, I think I may have come across something. It’s called Princess Polly, a US boutique that has gone viral over the past year. While most of their clothing isn’t as…

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    When is my blog gonna get famous?

    PROCESS POST #9 Now that we’re all comfortable with each other, I thought I would talk about how getting into the habit of having a blog and posting on it has made me feel. Honestly, I’m not sure if I love or hate it more. With this being a lifestyle blog, it is nice to be able to talk about what is going on in my life. I enjoy having a space to talk about whatever I wish, and to be creative doing it. I believe that this blog is a healthy way for me to take a look at my life in a different perspective – the outlook of…

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    Success? Maybe. Bored? Maybe.

    PROCESS POST #8 Please do not look at that title and think for a second that I like WordPress. That is something that will simply never happen. But, what has been happening lately is us getting along. I’m assuming it’ll be short lived. I gave up on the lower case titles for everything. Chose your battles right? I will admit that the all caps Brutally Brianna is growing on me. Kinda getting Sex and the City vibes? Maybe that’s just me. But I really think that the chaos of this site is very relative to the conversations those women have about men, and that makes me happy. Now, let’s talk…

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    I got covid and forgot how to drive.

    So before you all think I had a stroke and forgot how to speak English by that title, lemme give you all a little update on how my life is going. We’re in a global pandemic, people are gonna get the covid, it just happens. I knew that there’s a chance it would get to me eventually, but the shock was still quite self-sabotaging. And before you all yell at me because you think I broke regulations, I GOT IT FROM GOING TO WORK. Anyways, now that that’s over with, let me walk you all through what I achieved in my isolation. The first few days were spent feeling sorry…

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    This blog is changing my Pinterest feed and I’m upset about it.

    PROCESS POST #7 Recently in lecture, we have discussed how it can be worrisome to users knowing that they are providing data trails wherever they go online. This topic stuck out to me, reminding me of how these “trails” can also change the users experience carrying over into different sites. Have you ever talked about a certain product out loud next to your phone, only to have it pop up in every ad you see for the next week? Or for the Pinterest users, make one “out of the ordinary” pin and watch your entire feed change in a day? This is exactly what is happening to me, and I…

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    The difference between me with and without preworkout (spoiler: embarrassing).

    For our fourth mini assignment, we have to “remix” something. Meaning to show the differences before and after changing something we are accustomed to. In one of my previous blog posts, I told you all about the huge change that preworkout made towards my workout routine. As we all know, I went from being the CAPTAIN of the couch potato team to a complete gym rat. I hate to admit it, but I did become that person who’s personality was the gym and the gym only. For those who had to talk to me in person during the peak of that time, I am so sorry you had to see…

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    The ongoing battle with WordPress.

    PROCESS POST #6 It’s me, checking in once again to remind you all that WordPress is the bane of my existence. While our relationship has improved over the months of this spring semester, like any couple, there are still a few things that really bet my blood boiling about them. In this case, it’s capital letters. Don’t judge me yet, let me explain. If you take a look around my site, what is one thing you notice about my posts? In particular, the titles of my posts. Spoiler, they’re all in lower case. When I first started designing my site and making it properly reflect the chaos I wish it…

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    Peer Review #3

    For our third peer review, I was assigned Fiona’s blog. Fiona’s blog is called Wanderlust, a travel blog based off of her own experiences growing up. Fiona has a very pleasing looking blog with a consistent colour pallet all around the site. She has posted detailed descriptions of her travels and an almost itinerary of what she states as the best way to travel through the posted sites. For her intended audience, which based off of what she is posting is those who are interested and passionate about travel, Fiona has developed a great site for light destination advice for her posted destinations. When you first fully load into Fiona’…

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    How to artificially look healthy.

    For those of you who have never seen me in person, it is important that you know that I am violently pale. I am so pale, people come up to me and ask if I’m feeling ok. Yes, people think I’m ill because I have no life in my skin. It’s ridiculous. I also do not tan at all. Not in the slightest. I burn, then go back to as pale as I was before. Not fun. This past summer, after going on vacations with my friends who tan after ONE DAY (not mad at all), I decided enough is enough. I set out to find a fake tan product…