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When is my blog gonna get famous?


Now that we’re all comfortable with each other, I thought I would talk about how getting into the habit of having a blog and posting on it has made me feel.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I love or hate it more.

With this being a lifestyle blog, it is nice to be able to talk about what is going on in my life. I enjoy having a space to talk about whatever I wish, and to be creative doing it. I believe that this blog is a healthy way for me to take a look at my life in a different perspective – the outlook of an online personality. This has been different, but good different.

The thing that I do not enjoy is oddly the same as what I do enjoy. Putting my life out onto the internet for quite literally anyone to see, quite like an online diary, made me a bit uncomfortable at the start. Why you say? Well, its the internet. We’ve all seen what people are capable of online, especially on a platform they are comfortable with. Now, I’m not calling myself Kendall Jenner or Jeffery Star, I know that no one realistically is going to find a WordPress blog and take offence to me calling myself a mess and make it viral. There’s quite literally no way that will ever happen. But we all have imaginations right? We all panic sometimes. When you’ve been quite limited with what you post your entire life, something like this, especially in a lifestyle blog format, may be a little intimidating sometimes.

But hey, this is all part of the experience, this is “shaping the expressions of emerging teen identity” (I know I’m not a teen anymore but we could all use a little soul searching ok). While the blogging may have been a little scary at times, so is everything (wow I’m getting philosophical here damn look at me go) that is good change. After wanting to throw my laptop across the room multiple times because of WordPress, and coming up with content at times being quite difficult when you’re running a lifestyle blog in the middle of a pandemic, I can definitely say I don’t hate it.

Ok enough with the sappy sap. This is literally just blog. But hey, it’s one chaotic blog.




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