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This blog is changing my Pinterest feed and I’m upset about it.


Recently in lecture, we have discussed how it can be worrisome to users knowing that they are providing data trails wherever they go online. This topic stuck out to me, reminding me of how these “trails” can also change the users experience carrying over into different sites.

Have you ever talked about a certain product out loud next to your phone, only to have it pop up in every ad you see for the next week? Or for the Pinterest users, make one “out of the ordinary” pin and watch your entire feed change in a day? This is exactly what is happening to me, and I am not welcoming the change.

Back in the early days of Brutally Brianna, I had to create a collage of images that represented my blog. I naturally went to Pinterest to look for images that were pleasing enough to use, Google Images can only get you so far. In the weeks up to now, I am constantly on Pinterest trying to find featuring images for my posts that are again, aesthetic enough for the chaotic page. I’ve found some great stuff, but what I forgot to watch out for is the fact that this has now its changed my feed.

The fact that I never even thought of this being a possibility is embarrassing for how technologically advanced I pretend to be. Half of my degree is understanding the effects of social media (don’t tell my professors that I didn’t think this far I can’t afford to lose any more marks), so me letting this happen is just ridiculous.

While the new images that are popping up could definitely be worse, I’m still not happy about it. My outfit inspiration posts are gone, along with the posts that I would use to plan my dream wedding. These are important things people, I need Pinterest to decide what colour the flowers are going to be for my imaginary wedding.

So, I will be spending a good amount of time now trying to “fix” my feed. This will take hours of pinning things that I’m not even fully interested in, but are needed to see my desired outfit inspiration photos again.

It would be appreciated if my phone stopped listening to me.



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