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The ongoing battle with WordPress.


It’s me, checking in once again to remind you all that WordPress is the bane of my existence. While our relationship has improved over the months of this spring semester, like any couple, there are still a few things that really bet my blood boiling about them. In this case, it’s capital letters.

Don’t judge me yet, let me explain.

If you take a look around my site, what is one thing you notice about my posts? In particular, the titles of my posts. Spoiler, they’re all in lower case. When I first started designing my site and making it properly reflect the chaos I wish it to portray, I came to the decision that lower case titles and posts gave my site a more causal aesthetic. I still believe this, and love the way the lower case titles look on my site.

When I was believing that I was getting pretty good at this WordPress thing (I wasn’t), I wanted to take the lower case style a step further. Collaborating with my TA in class, we agreed that changing the menu bar to lower case would be the perfect addition to the site. Excited to make this place a little sexier, immediately after class I set out to change the menu bar.

This is where things go wrong.

After searching for what seemed like forever, I realized that in order to change the font of the menu bar, you need to learn the coding of the site. THE CODING. I’m sure you all will have already guessed this, but I am an Art’s major. Do I even recognize the loose definition of coding? No. Do I understand it when I try to learn it? No. You can see here that this is now a problem for me.

Three weeks later, I have still not figured out that problem. The menu bar is still capitalized and I HATE IT. I have not accepted defeat yet, but I can definitely see that coming.

If you see the site magically changed back to all capitals one day, you know why.



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