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Expect some changes.


As I am in the last week of my semester, I will say that this place has turned into so much more than I initially thought I was capable of. Who knew I would be able to make a semi-tech savvy blog?! NOT ME.

But, don’t expect things to stay the same.

As I move to continue this blog long after my PUB 101 days, there are many things that I want to change once I’m not drowning in papers. Let’s discuss shall we?

First off, widgets. We’ve talked about these before, and I have come to the decision that you all will be exposed to my horrible taste in music. You don’t have to listen to it, but it think that the Spotify widget being there will be a cute touch, and might just make this page seem more put together? Big accusation, I know. We’ll see. I’m also thinking of removing the Pinterest widget from the page, makes me seem way more put together than I actually am, and I’m not here to lie to you guys.

Now, don’t freak out, but I may want to change the colour. MAYBE. There are a few reasons; now that I have a good grasp of how to use WordPress, I feel that this blog has the potential to be less chaotic and more brutal. The theme of the site will stay the same, and the appeal to the public will not change either, but a more muted colour may reflect my “growing” a tad. Am I ready to let go of the purple? Never. Will a more muted purple make me feel better? It’s definitely a possibility.

Now that I have completed PUB 101, I feel that as I move forward, my blog should reflect the changes I’m going through. I know it sounded like I was talking about puberty just then but YOU GET THE POINT.

As the title says, expect some changes.



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