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Being embarrassed really inspires change.


After receiving my first peer review, and seeing once again how quickly all my classmates are advancing their own sites, yet again made me embarrassed of how much of a mess this site is and inspired more change to give this place a little somethin-somethin.

It’s all going to be about the aesthetic this post, and how I hopefully plan to change it. Whether I will be able to successfully make those changes is the real question here.

Although this blog is literally just chaos, I want it to be pretty chaos. In order to do that, small changes can be made that most may not necessarily notice but subconsciously make her more put together. One of the big changes that will soon happen is lower case letters. Lower case letters will be a big deal around here and let me tell you why;

When all of the little nooks and crannies of this site are a mix of titles of either upper case or lower case letters, it looks messy. But when everything is lower case, its cute, fun and quirky. I want to be cute, fun and quirky. So, the new goal is to figure out how I make all these menus and widgets lower case, it won’t be fun, but it will be pretty.

Until I can achieve that; may I present to you all, more colour.

Yes, I’m literally only referring to the purple.

Before you make fun of me, tell me she doesn’t look a thousand times more chaotic. Exactly how I wanted it.

These small changes are what I need to be CONSTANTLY reminded of in order to make this place reflect the chaos that is my life in general.

That’s all, enjoy the purple. I sure am.



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