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Because more people definitely need to be reminded of me.


In class, we talk of useful methods of broadcasting our blog or any online content further in the current industry. The fancy word for it is transmedia integration. Big stuff I know. Since I’m not particularly fond of the idea of more than five people ever looking at this blog and getting the inside scoop to my thoughts, we’re going to talk hypothetical here.

If I were wanting to incorporate transmedia integration in order to promote my blog or the theme it entails, the first place I would think of is Instagram or TikTok. In our current pandemic-ridden, social media ruling reality, there is no other way to tell a story through multiple channels faster.

So, if I were HYPOTHETICALLY to do this;

I would take a few (mostly comedic) lines from my posts and turn them into a podcast style post. After it’s recorded, I would take my logo or animations that went along with the theme of my blog and turn it into a Tik Tok post. I would even most likely take those recordings and use them for Instagram as well. These actions classify as transmedia integration by that recording of snippets of my content and posting it through different channels (Tik Tok and Instagram). Again, HYPOTHETICALLY, if this were to be my intention, I hate to say it, but there’s no other way to gain peoples attention other than posting way too much content. You can’t gain popularity from posting once a week, its the constant reminder to your intended audience that you are there.

Posting on Tik Tok and Instagram frequently is the perfect way to gain and hold the attention of viewers; when you are seen across multiple popular platforms. It is then that they will gain the interest to go and research an online blog in 2021 – which we have to admit isn’t everyones first thought.

HYPOTHETICALLY, this could work, all I’m saying.



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