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A brutal, yet appreciated reminder.


After completing my first peer review; seeing another students blog and what they have done to make it their own, turned into a painful reminder of how well some people can do in areas I tend to be absolutely terrible in. You remember those moments in elementary or middle school when you see another classmates artwork or new lunchbox and you’re hit with that compulsion to change everything about yourself in that very moment? It was exactly that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of my site. From the chaos we started with, we’ve come a long way! Seeing Alyssa’s blog and how functional it was, was just a gentle reminder that I could do better. Her review was just the push I needed to make some small yet necessary changes to my blog that would make it more my own, and overall a better site.

One of the minimal yet major changes to my site was adding more colour. I thought the addition of the purple the header uses would make the blog stand out more, and would add to the chaos I’m hoping to keep in my posts. The tiny change was exactly what I needed.

Another little hack that I discovered from our readings and from Alyssa’s review was hyperlinks – those things are wild. I’ve never felt more technologically advanced in my entire life than when I figured out how to use those bad boys. Yes, it is simple, but let me have my moment ok? I’m excited.

This semesters first peer reviews was just the motivation I needed to give one final push to truly finish the design of my site. I know I will always make changes, and maybe one day I’ll wake up and want to change everything. But for now, she’s perfect to me.

Alyssa, thank you for being so good at WordPress. So good at WordPress that I became jealous and inspired to make my blog better.



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