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Peer Review #2

For this weeks peer review, I was given Marisa’s Muse to look over. I gotta admit, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs I’ve seen throughout the course so far. Her title immediately gives explanation of what her blog is dedicated to, helping with directory around the site.

Marisa has chosen a mildly minimalistic theme using black, white and pastel pink as her main colour theme. While it is mostly all one shade, I think that adding some more colour into her site would be a great way to up the aesthetic she is giving off with her blog. While finding my way around her site, some things I noticed that could make Marisa’s blog more individual to her style and aesthetic would be to take out the exclamation marks around just her About Me and Contact Me pages, or, to add them to all options in the menu, that would be fun!

In terms of her typography, Marisa’s style throughout her Home Page is relatively together in use of the same size and style of text in the title and body of her posts. To make this even more together and clean, I would use the same style of font on the featured images she uses at the beginning of each post – this way the aesthetic of her blog can continue to be as a “space she can call her own (Basu, 2020)”. Overall, her type sizes and consistency throughout the site are good.

I am a minimalistic person, so I unknowingly prefer things that are clean and spaced out. When I first visited Marisa’s site, I will admit that I found the layout a bit busy. However, I believe this factor of my opinion is completely individual to myself; for the aesthetic and theme of her site, the busy Home Page and constant features and pictures showing really does go along well with her fashion theme. It almost gives off the same vibe that you get while reading a fashion magazine.

Following my mention of layout, I will say that the business of her site made finding her social media quite difficult, as it is only integrated in the Contact Me page from what I found. Marisa could add widgets in the side bars of her Home Page to make the social media more viewable and encourages to those who visit her site.

“As web publishing continues to professionalize, even small improvements in publishing efficiency have become important, and the gains offered by this change are substantial (Kissane, 2016). There is always going to be room for improvement in all of our blogs, and I am thankful that I have an outside opinion that willingly studies the chaos that is my blog and helps me to make it better. Marisa’s blog is very advanced and very aesthetically pleasing. She has created a wonderful, functional space where you can easily gain the knowledge of how passionate she is about her theme. A great blog!

P.S. If you could teach me how to change the WordPress logo to my own in the tab of my site like you have… that would be greatly appreciated. I cannot figure it out for the life of me and I will admit I’m going crazy because of it.




Basu, Tanya. September, 5 2020. “Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet” MIT Technology Review.

Kissane, Erin. 2013. “Contents May Have Shifted” in Contents Magazine 4. Available from:

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  • Marisa Dritsas

    Hi Brianna,

    Thanks for an awesome review – very nice and helpful! You can also find my social media links at the top of my webpage using the words on the left or the icons on the right.

    I also wasn’t able to figure out the website icon for the longest time. That said, on your dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize> Site Identity > and then scroll down to Site Icon. I made my icon using Canva and then I uploaded it as a transparent image. Hopefully, this helps! – I know all the themes have different options.


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